Public Hearing/Regular Scheduled Meeting, October 10, 2022

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen met in a Public Hearing/Regular Scheduled Meeting with the following members present: Mayor Maurice Harris, Alderwoman Veronica Hill, Alderwoman Cherise Gougisha, Alderman Sam Watson, Alderman Jerome Martin and Alderman Clarence Wiley. Also present were Town Attorney Gerard Morgan and CPA Jacob Waguespack.

ROLL CALL: Mayor Harris opened the Public hearing with a Prayer, Roll Call and Pledge.

A motion was made by Alderwoman Gougisha, seconded by Alderman Watson to open the Public Hearing.

Mayor Harris reviewed the information to the public in attendance in reference to the Community Development needs of the Town for street overlay improvements.

Information was requested about two streets that need more than an overlay. No other concerns.

Alderman Martin closed the Public hearing, seconded by Alderwoman Gougisha and unanimously approved by the Board.

Regular Meeting was opened.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Candidate for School Board Polly Higdon introduced herself to the Board. She informed them she is a retired teacher. She wants to serve all districts of the Parish.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: A motion was made by Alderwoman Gougisha to approve the minutes of the September 12, 2022 meeting. Motion was seconded by Alderman Watson and unanimously approved by the Board.

NEW BUSINESS: Trick or Treat Schedule for the Town will be Monday, October 31st 6-8. On October 29th, there will be the Trunk or Treat at the Walking Trail at 7 to 9.

Alderwoman Gougisha made the motion to advertise for Engineering Services and Administration Services for the CDBG Street Improvement grant. Motion seconded by Alderman Watson and unanimously approved by the Board.

A motion to adopt Resolutions for LGAP and CWEF grants was made by Alderman Watson, seconded by Alderman Wiley and unanimously approved by the Board.

OLD BUSINESS: Jacob Waguespack, CPA presented the August Financials to the Board. Mr. Waguespack stated the Town has the most money he has seen in his years with the Town. He explained sale taxes are in good shape actually have gone up. He states the collection rates at this time is 97-1/2% which is very good shape. He states Administration is doing a good job with the collections. Mr. Waguespack explained the old Aging accounts have all been sent to the Collection Agency but at this time we have not received any payments. Mr. Waguespack has no concerns at this time. They will be closing the books in early November for the year.

FIRE: Chief Stanley Washington reported a total of 7 calls in September. All units are in service at this time.

MAINTENANCE: Mr. Butler advised the Board that the utilities are fine no problems. Grass has stopped growing and they are catching up on other jobs.

POLICE: Chief Anderson introduced new Officer Derek Braud hired for the Police Department. Alderwoman Gougisha made the motion to hire Mr. Braud, motion seconded by Alderman Martin and unanimously approved by the Board. Chief Anderson explained he has a unit down at this time, Officer Darden had an accident. Chief Anderson requested information on the building he wants for the police department. A motion was made by Alderman Martin to move forward with the purchase of the building on Wagley Road. Motion seconded by Alderman Wiley and approved by Alderwoman Hill, Alderman Wiley, Alderman Wiley, Alderman Watson, not approved by Alderwoman Gougisha. Motion passed with a majority of the Board’s approval. It was requested that renters know they have to get security for all rentals. Chief Anderson passed out new fine schedule to the Board for their review. It was decided that a Public Hearing will be scheduled for November 14 to amend the ordinance for these new fines.


FINANCE: Alderwoman Hill had nothing new to add.

UTILITIES: Alderwoman Gougisha had nothing new to add.

PERSONNEL: Alderman Watson informed the Board that two new maintenance workers have been employed.

BUILDING & GROUNDS: Alderman Wiley outlined the Plans for October Festival scheduled for October 30, 2022. He has everything just about completed. Flyers and Shirts have been ordered. He has contacted several bands and applications are being received for Vendors at the Town Hall.

STREETS, ROAD & DRAINAGE: Alderman Martin requested more culverts be installed.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned with a motion by Alderman Wiley, seconded by Alderwoman Gougisha and unanimously approved by the Board.

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