February 13, 2023

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen met in a Regular Scheduled Meeting with the following members present: Mayor Maurice Harris, Alderwoman Veronica Hill, Alderwoman Edna Mitchel, Alderman Jerome Martin, Alderman John Carriere and Alderman Justin Bessix. Also present was Town Attorney Gerard Morgan and CPA Jacob Waguespack.

ROLL CALL: Mayor Harris opened the meeting with a Roll Call and Pledge. Prayer was led by Bernard Christmas.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Roger Morris, owner of the Event Center introduced himself to the Council. Mr. Morris explained his plans for the building he has recently renovated. He just had a comedy show at which time there were no difficulties.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mayor Harris informed the Council that the Town of Maringouin’s water system got an A rating. He Commended Mr. Butler for the good job.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: A motion was made by Alderman Martin to approve the minutes of the January 9, 2023 meeting. Motion was seconded by Alderman Carriere and unanimously approved by the Board.

NEW BUSINESS: Mayor Harris opened Bid received on our Love Louisiana Outdoors grant. Bid was from Spinks Construction in the amount of $68,000.00. Since only one bid was received David Colson of PEC was going to get with CDBG for approval to accept or find out if it would have to be re-advertised.

Resolution to appoint member to serve as Director and Alternate Director was done by motion from Alderwoman Hill, seconded by Alderman Martin and unanimously approved by the Board. Mayor Harris will be appointed as Director and Alderman John Carriere will serve as Alternate Director.

Alderman Carriere made the motion to adopt the Resolution for the Cash Sale of the building for the Police Department. Motion was seconded by Alderwoman Mitchel and unanimously approved by the Board.

A motion was made by Alderman Martin to have the water tower painted by Pittsburg Tank in the amount of $35,000.00. Motion was seconded by Alderwoman Mitchel and unanimously approved by the Board.

OLD BUSINESS: Jacob Waguespack, CPA presented the financials for December to the Board. He informed the Board that sales taxes are above budget at this time and will continue to rise. All other accounts are in budget and we remain in very good shape. He sees no concerns at this time.

Seneca Toussant was not at the meeting so Mayor Harris updated the Board on the water shed project presently in the works.

LaTania Anderson introduced herself to the new council members. She explained the Housing Rehabilitation program was a good project to look into now. A motion was made by Alderman Carriere to appoint Ms. Anderson as grant writer for the Town of Maringouin. Motion was seconded by Alderwoman Hill and unanimously approved by the Board. Ms. Anderson presented contract for Mayor to sign.

The Mardi Gras committee have finalized plans for the Parade to take place Saturday, February 18, 2023. Parade is scheduled to run 1:30. We have 21 Waivers for entries so far. Mayor Harris informed the Board that the Town is sponsoring two floats, one will carry the Football players and one will carry the Volley Ball players. As done in the past the Town will feed the police officers working the parade. Any and all volunteers helping out are appreciated.

FIRE: Stanley asked the Board if he was still the Fire Chief. Mayor Harris re-appointed Washington as Chief. Fire Chief gave his report of the calls received in the month of January. He informed the Board that all units are in service.

POLICE: Chief Anderson thanked the Board for approval to move forward with purchasing the new building. He informed the Board that he has approximately 40 officers lined up for the Mardi Gras parade.

MAINTENANCE: Mr. Butler had the necessary forms for the pipeline safety signed by the Council. He asked if anyone had any questions for him. Everything is going okay now. Water is back on at the Water Tower.


FINANCE: Ms. Hill had nothing new to report. Everything is in good shape.

UTILITIES: Alderman Carriere reported that he and Mr. Butler have been looking into moving a water line on Musson Lane.

PERSONNEL: Alderman Bessix informed the Board that we have drug tested 5 applicants and now have four of them approved. He informed the Board that we will be hiring soon.

BUILDING & GROUNDS: Alderwoman Mitchel requested information about the burned house on Ropollo Street. She advised the Board that work needs to be done at the Community Center.

ROADS,STREETS AND DRAINAGE: Alderman Martin informed the Board that the 3rd Street project is done.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.