November 13, 2023

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen met in a Regular Scheduled Meeting with the following members present: Mayor Maurice Harris, Alderwoman Veronica Hill, Alderman Justin Bessix, Alderman John Carriere and Alderwoman Edna Mitchel, Alderman Jerome Martin was absent. Also present was CPA Jacob Waguespack and Town Attorney Gerald Morgan.

ROLL CALL: Mayor Harris opened the meeting with a Roll Call and Pledge. Prayer was led by Bernaud Christmas.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: A complaint was made about the drainage not being handled since her last meeting in July. Mayor Harris informed her that we have given a contractor the request and we are waiting on quotes. If it is required, this job may have to be bided out.

Parish Councilman Matt Jewell informed the Board and audience of the updates on Parish projects. He stated Magnolia Production is coming up fast and he expects will be ready next year. Shintech is opening another phase to their works and we can expect this ready soon. He informed everyone that sale taxes are continuing to go up, giving municipalities more income

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: A motion was made by Alderman Carriere to approve the minutes from the October 9, 2023 meeting. Motion was seconded by Alderwoman Mitchel and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

NEW BUSINESS: Alderwoman Mitchel made the motion to authorize Mayor to sign the two Engagement letters from Faulk & Winkler. Motion was seconded by Alderman Carriere and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

Mr. Roger Morris was present requesting information concerning building inspections of his two businesses. Mayor Harris informed him that he would have to comply with the Town Ordinances. Mr. Morris explained that he does not need a commercial license contractor according to information he has read. Town Attorney further stated that the Town’s Ordinances must be followed. Mayor Harris informed him that the Council and Attorney would review everything and get back to him.

Alderwoman Hill made the motion to adopt the 2024 Holiday schedule, motion seconded by Alderman Bessix and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

OLD BUSINESS: CPA Waguespack presented the September financials to the Board. He informed the Board that we are in good shape at this time. He stated that they are getting ready for the audit.

The Ordinance to increase the salary of elected officials was made by a motion from Alderman Carriere, seconded by Alderman Bessix and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

Mayor Harris requested the Agenda be amended to include updated report from Seneca Toussant. Mr. Toussant informed the Board that on the Ridgewood Subdivision drainage project we recently had bided out, Tullier was low bidder. He is also requesting a 20% budget increase to cover this project.

Mayor Harris requested that the project for Maringouin Bayou be looked into as soon as possible. Mr. Toussant reported that it is set to break ground on 1-25. Mr. Toussant will be updating the Board next month.

FIRE: Fire Chief Washington reported 6 calls in October. He stated that all trucks were in service at this time, however he will be putting one back in the shop for more work. Mr. Washington requested permission to have a night Parade, motion was seconded by Alderman Bessix and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance. Fire Chief requested everyone vote on the Amendment No. 3.

POLICE: Chief Anderson reported that they have worked on getting the certifications from each officer before the end of the year. He stated the Fall Festival had no issues.

MAINTENANCE: Public Works Director was not present at meeting.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: FINANCE – Alderwoman Hill presented the Board with a Check Register of all the payments made last month and the report on the expenses from the Fall Festival.

UTILITIES: Alderman Carriere didn’t have anything new to add, delinquent accounts are being paid.

PERSONNEL: Alderman Bessix didn’t have anything new to add.

BUILDING & GROUNDS: Alderwoman Mitchel requested that some limbs be cut on the trees at the Walking Trail. She requested information on the walking bridge across Maringouin Bayou and was informed that a contractor would be needed to re-do the bridge.

ROADS, STREETS AND DRAINAGE: Alderman Martin was absent.

ADJOURN: There being no further business, meeting was adjourned with a motion from Alderwoman Hill, seconded by Alderman Bessix.