JULY 11, 2022 
        6:00 P.M. 

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen met in a Regular Scheduled Meeting with the following members present: Mayor Maurice Harris, Alderwoman Veronica Hill, Alderwoman Cherise Gougisha, Alderman Sam Watson . Alderman Jerome Martin . Alderman Clarence Wiley was absent. Also present was Town Attorney Gerard Morgan. CPA Jacob Waguespack was absent.

ROLL CALL: Mayor Harris opened the meeting with a Roll Call, Prayer and Pledge.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: A complaint was made concerning the late fees charged customers on their bills today since the 10th of the month fell on a Sunday. It was decided that the late fees be waived from today.

We received a complaint concerning painting being done at a house in his neighborhood. Also requested a catch basin be put in his location to drain water staying.

We received a complaint about grass not being cut at a residence on Landry Drive, also owner has parked non-running cars on side of his house. It was decided that a letter be sent to homeowner.

A request was made to add another bench to the walking trail in the area of the playground so Mothers can sit and watch their children.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mayor Harris informed the Board of the gas prices. According to the correspondence he received from La. Municipal Gas Authority the prices peaked in June, being the highest reported in years. However they did advise that in July prices has started dropping $2-$3.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: A motion was made by Alderwoman Hill to approve the minutes of the June 13, 2022 meeting. Motion was seconded by Alderman Watson and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.


CPA sent the financials that were presented to the Board for May. A check written was questioned by the Board. Money was moved from the consolidated account and deposited into Lamp.

We have been informed by PEC that our grant application for Love Louisiana Outdoors has been completed and submitted.

A motion was made by Alderwoman Gougisha to write off all outstanding deceased accounts and four accounts where customers have moved out of town and new address is unknown. Motion was seconded by Alderman Watson and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.


Board was advised that a request for the LCDBG grant has been sent to PEC to submit. This grant will cover work to be done on Streets.

Board was also advised that a request for the PHMSA Gas grant has been sent to LaTerre Engineers.
This grant will be used for updates in the gas department.

Alderwoman Gougisha made the motion authorizing the Mayor to sign the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement on the LW1 grant. Motion was seconded by Alderman Martin and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

FIRE: Chief Stanley Washington reported a total of 11 calls in June. Rescue 8 is out of service at this time.

MAINTENANCE: Mr. Butler advised the Board that water samples are collected weekly and LDH will be here Thursday to do the sampling. Mr. Butler advised the Board that we do have an issue with the sewer pumps but he is keeping things under control. When questioned about the speed bumps on Lane Street, he advised the Board that homeowner requested a speed bump and advised that he would install them. While Mr. Butler was out of town homeowner installed the speed bumps. However, Mr. Butler did advise the Board that additional speed bumps have been ordered and will be installed on more streets in the town.

POLICE: Chief Hosea Anderson advised the Board he has not had any luck in finding officers for his department but will continue to look. He advised the Board that the 4-wheeler problem seems to be under control. Chief Anderson informed the Board that he is continuing forward with purchasing a new building for his department.


FINANCE: Alderwoman Hill had nothing new to add Mr. Waguespack has sent the financials and a listing of all checks written in June was presented to the Board.

UTILITIES: Alderwoman Gougisha received a complaint about the late fees being charged. She informed the Board that a bill when inspected did not add up correctly and requested that the Utility Office check these when customers pay their bills.

PERSONNEL: Alderman Watson advised the Board that two new employees started today in the Maintenance Department. When questioned if we interviewed they were informed that these are seasonal employees not permanent employees.
BUILDING & GROUNDS: Alderman Wiley was absent. However a complaint was made that the Building needs repairs. We will be looking for a company that will handle this.

PERSONNEL: Alderman Watson had nothing new to add.

STREETS, ROAD & DRAINAGE: Alderman Watson made the motion authorizing Tullier to do the culvert work on Janie Lane and Roppolo Street. Motion was seconded by Alderman Martin and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by a motion from Alderman Martin, seconded by Alderwoman Gougisha.

————————————— —————————————- Maurice Harris, Mayor Carolyn Marino, Town Clerk

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