Minutes October 9, 2023

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen met in a Public hearing/Regular Scheduled Meeting with the following members present: Mayor Maurice Harris, Alderwoman Veronica Hill, Alderman Jerome Martin, Alderman Justin Bessix, Alderman John Carriere. Alderwoman Edna Mitchel was absent. Also present was CPA Jacob Waguespack and Town Attorney Gerard Morgan.

Roll Call: Mayor Harris opened the Public Hearing with a Roll Call, Pledge. Prayer was led by Felton Deon Williams.

Public Hearing: was opened with a motion from Alderman Martin, seconded by Alderwoman Hill and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

Mayor Harris informed the audience that the Town is applying for a LCDBG grant that will be used for street improvements. Audience was for suggestions, complaints and any ideas they have. It was asked if this help with the drainage problem in one area.

Since there were no other comments, Public Hearing was closed with a motion from Alderman Carriere, seconded by Alderwoman Hill and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

Regular meeting was opened with an announcement from Mr. Felton Deon Williams. His church Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church is sponsoring a Community Health Fair at the Masonic Hall, 77215 Lane Street, Maringouin, La. on Saturday, October 28th. He invited the public to attend. He informed everyone they plan to have several vendors who will be giving out information.

Audience Comments: a complaint was made about the drainage not being handled since her last meeting in July. Mayor Harris informed her that we have been trying to get a contractor to handle this but the job is too small for any. Mr. Williams suggested the would send the Mayor a name of a contractor he knows.

Approval of Minutes: corrections from the September 11, 2023 minutes a motion for introduction of Ordinances authorizing the incurring of debt and issuance of a Table Excess Revenue Bond was made by Alderman Martin, seconded by Alderwoman Mitchel and unanimously approved by the board. Also Fire Chief’s salary increased was not recorded in the minutes. Salary will increase to $880.00 per week, annual salary of $10,560.00 approved at the last meeting. Alderman Carriere made the motion to approve the minutes with the two corrections added, motion was seconded by Alderman Bessix and unanimously approved by the Board in attendance.

New Business: Introduction of Ordinance to increase salary of elected officials was made by Alderman Carriere.

Motion to adopt the Bond Ordinance was made by Alderwoman Hill. Motion was seconded by Alderman Carriere and unanimously approved by the board in attendance.

Resolutions to Hire Engineering Services, Hire administrative services and citizens participation was made by a motion from Alderman Martin, seconded by Alderman Carriere and unanimously approved by the board in attendance.

Old Business – CPA Waguespack presented the August financials to the Board. He informed the board that we are in good shape. no problems with the budget. Water and sewer will be short. Collection rate is good, receivables are in good shape.

Fire: Fire Chief Washington was on a call so LaRose gave the report for calls in September.

Police; Chief Anderson informed everyone everything is good. He and the board just had a zoom meeting on the cameras for speeding.

Maintenance: Public Works Director was not present at meeting, however Mayor Harris informed the Board that a bill will be sent to Grid Source for all the expenses with the broken water lines and our repairs.

Committee Reports: Finance, Alderwoman Hill presented the board with a check register of all the payments made last month.

Utilities: Alderman Carriere informed the Board that there were 121 on the delinquent list but they are paying.

Personnel: Alderman Bessix didn’t have anything new to add.

Building & Grounds: Alderwoman Mitchel was absent.

Road, streets and drainage: Alderman Martin asked for ideas and suggestions from the audience. He stated these meeting are opened to the public but no one attends – Come to the meeting and participate.

Adjourn: There being no further business, meeting was adjourned with a motion from Alderman Carriere, seconded by Alderman Bessix.