Minutes – September 25, 2023

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen met in a Special Schedules Meeting with the following member present: Mayor Maurice Harris, Alderwoman Edna Mitchel, Alderman Justin Bessix, Alderman John Carriere and Alderwoman Veronica Hill. Alderman Jerome Martin was absent. Also present was Town Attorney Gerard Morgan.

Roll Call: Mayor Harris opened the Public Hearing with a Roll Call, Pledge and Prayer.

Audience Comments: Chris Daigle, candidate for Parish President thanked the Council for giving him this opportunity to meet with them. He outlined his qualifications for this position and informed the Council of changes he fees needed. He advised that all municipalities need to have a say and that he would be here for the municipalities.

LaRose Washington reminded everyone of the Relay for Life to be held in Grosse Tete Saturday.

New Business: Special meeting was called to meet with Mr. Roger Morris of Stoner Island due to receiving suit notice on this business, Mr. Morris did not appear.

Town Attorney, Gerald Morgan has reviewed the Ordinances, revised the Permit application to follow the Ordinances in detail. It was decided a stop order be issued on Stoner Mart due to no request for Permits on file. It was also decided that Stoner Island be inspected to make sure all requirements have been met.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by a motion from Alderman Carriere, seconded by Alderwoman Hill.